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Discipline, Innovation, Experience, Transformation.

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Our mission is to create an investment paradigm where lifelong relationships with entrepreneurs and investors are forged by a relentless pursuit of disruptive people, ideas, and technologies anchored by an unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and the human condition. We leverage decades of investment experience to provide our entrepreneurs and investors a clear and actionable path to success and meaningful value creation.

We focus our efforts on health and wellness solutions, and scalable software and technologies. We follow a continuum “reverse barbell” investment strategy, centering on Series A and B, but also strategically participating in seed and later stage opportunities.

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Our investment criteria include the following:

  • Proven management team;

  • Big idea targeting a market of at least $1 billion;

  • Plan to reach annual revenue of $30 - $50 million within 5 years;

  • Technology with a “proof of concept” and “proof of relevance;”

  • An enabling or disruptive solution that crosses industry sectors;

  • Definable path to exit and/or self-sustainability; and,

  • Positive social impact.




Adam Zbar, CEO Sun Basket

"We are thrilled to have Relevance Capital as our core investor they have been with us since the beginning of our journey to become the premier meal delivery service company in our space. They are entrepreneur friendly and understand the need for flexibility, teamwork, and focus."