Fran Marcum

Fran Marcum is a Board Member and Founding Member, based in Tullahoma, TN. Fran began her career in education before pivoting into the entrepreneurial world out of circumstance. That leap of faith culminated in a 30-year career in aerospace where she served as Chairman of Micro Craft, Inc., an engineering and design firm that manages and conducts various testing solutions for aerospace projects like NASA's X-43A and X-43C Hyper-X Programs. Following her exit from Micro Craft, Inc., Fran founded the Tullahoma Business Incubator in 1999 with a mission to nurture, mentor, and transform young companies to scalable success. Along the way, she cultivated her own venture capital experience as a buy-side and sell-side adviser and consultant in numerous transactions. Today, Fran serves as Managing Partner at Marcum Capital as well as Founder and CEO of NEST-TN, a state certified TNInvestco actively supporting AutoXLR8R; the 13-week automotive accelerator program developed by the Southern Middle Tennessee Entrepreneur Center whose mission is to identify, commercialize and fund promising new technologies applicable to the automotive industry.