Dr. Paul Bass

Dr. Paul Bass is a Board Member, and Founding Member and GP of Relevance Capital, based in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  One of the Nation's leading authorities on building and sustaining health practice wealth, Dr. Paul Bass delivers a high-energy message demonstrating how to shake off mediocrity and achieve success in one's practice and personal life. For over 30 years, Dr. Bass has enjoyed a prestigious career aiding dentists in transforming their businesses. Under his direction, practices have increased their productivity and efficiency while enjoying greater control, balance and fulfillment. Dr. Bass has taught over 4,000 seminars and workshops throughout North America spanning 18 years including: American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Personal Power Seminar with Anthony Robbins, Yankee Dental Meeting, Hinman Dental Meeting, Greater New York Dental Meeting, Connecticut Dental Association, Alabama Dental Association, The Profitable Dentist, and many more.